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How Digestion Affects Your Immune System

Our bodies are a complex collection of organs and systems working together to support life. Within our organ systems, various necessary functions occur, helping us to process information, fuel, wastes, body detoxification, and intake vital chemical components to keep us healthy. In particular, our digestive systems are critical to overall well being. You are, literally, what you eat. Understanding how nutrition, garnered from our digestive processes can affect our entire body, is very important. Modern medicine has made it possible to pinpoint just how digestion can affect organ systems such as our immune system. Dr. Don Mynster and the staff at the Center For Clinical Nutrition and Healthy Weightloss in Hermitage, TN represent more than just chiropractic services. Office appointments allow patients to create wellness plans. Everything, from proper posture to nutritional guidance, can impact your daily health. One step for better health is to examine the connections between our diets and digestion and the strength of our immune systems, how we detox what we eat, and the right solutions for getting the most nutrition out of our foods and drinks.

Why What You Eat and Drink Matters

Most people understand digestion plays an important role in breaking down our food and drink. What some don't know is where those digested materials are sent. Our digestive systems break foods down to levels which can be absorbed at the cellular level, giving our bodies the building blocks to repair and grow new cells and tissues, perform natural detoxification, and keep organs functioning properly. We are also providing gradient levels of strength to our various organ systems, including our immune system, based on the quality of our food and drink. Your body's ability to fight infection and sickness, therefore, is directly related to the quality of the foods we eat. This is why proper nutritional guidance can be so critical for overall health.

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